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adiZero Rose

The adiZero Rose basketball shoes debuted in late 2010 as the 2010-2011 NBA season got off to a start. Named after Derrick Rose, the shoes feature an ultra lightweight design and a quick, responsive sole. This is another in a long line of sporting shoes from the Adidas Group.

Adidas started making shoes back in 1949. Born from the ashes of a war torn Germany, the company was founded by Adolf Dassler on August 18. The name of the company comes from its founder’s nickname, “Adi” for Adolf and “Das” for Dassler. A major boost came to the company in 1954 when the largely demoralized German nation was able to feel pride again following the World Cup final. Germany was able to outlast Hungary, due in part to the Adidas soccer boots which were lighter in weight than their competitors and were the first shoe to feature removable studs.

That competitive advantage has not been lost during the past 60 years, as evidenced by the focus on making shoes like the adiZero Rose as light as possible. The original, or 1.0, version of the shoe weighed in at a mere 12.8 ounces. To complement Rose’s style of leaving the other team behind, the shoe features the signature three stripes of Adidas on the heel, which is what the other team sees a lot of when Rose is on the court.

adiZero Rose 1.0

This shoe marked the return of Adidas to the NBA star labels, having ditched them for college Team Signature shoes a few years back. The shoe was low cut with a supporting ankle strap. The original release featured the red and black of the Chicago Bulls, Rose’s team, but additional colors became available including Team Signature colors such as UCLA blue and gold, and Tennessee’s orange and white.

adiZero Rose 1.5

A new iteration of the shoe came out later in the 2010-2011 NBA season. This shoe features Torsion, Sprintskin and Puremotion technologies. Wow, now if we only knew what those fancy terms meant…oh wait, here we go:

  • Torsion System: Insert placed in the midfoot to provide flexibility and torsionability between forefoot and rear foot as well as increased stability. The TORSION System allows natural rotation between the rear foot and the forefoot while providing midfoot support.
  • Sprintskin: A revolutionary single-layer synthetic for incredible maneuverability and reduced weight.
  • Puremotion: A pod pattern on the sole designed to enhance key contact points between the foot and court.

The 1.5 version is currently available online and at local retail outlets and will set you back roughly $90 to $100 for a pair. That price will drop, as will availability, when the 2.0 version is released.

adiZero Rose 2.0

The newest version of this shoe is expected to hit the stores late in 2011. While the 1.0 was low cut, and the 1.5 had a high cut, this new version will have – you guessed it – a mid cut. The shoe will be the lightest in the series, coming in at 12.4 ounces. The upper will now feature a variety of materials, including full-grain leather, nubuck and mesh. The Puremotion pods will not be included in this shoe. You can check out our article about the adiZero 2.

There is not denying that D Rose Shoes have made an impact on the basketball shoes market. The recognizable face of Derrick Rose as well as the history of quality and reliability of the Adidas shoe company make the adiZero product line a force to be contended with in this very competitive market. Derrick Rose shoes are here to stay. You can look for the latest in the series to be out by early winter, just in time for the big shopping season. Given the youth and incredible skill of their namesake, the adiZero Rose shoes are bound to be around for quite awhile.